Payroll Services

The Swiss salary system knows a number of mandatory and optional social security contributions and other charges.

Mandatory charges:

  • old age and survivor insurance, invalidity insurance
  • unemployment insurance
  • pension fund contributions
  • accident insurance
  • withholding tax/Tax at source
  • family allowance

Optional charges:

  • daily sickness insurance
  • additional pension fund contributions
  • additional accident insurance
  • ancillary costs and expenses, bonus payments, car-expenses etc.

Companies often choose to outsource the management of payroll accounting and administration to external organisations. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons including confidentiality, cost effectiveness, speed efficiency and lack of know how.

Our service can be tailored to your particular requirements including:

  • Optimise your or your business´s salary structure to minimise taxes
  • Administration of payroll accounting
  • Production and despatch of monthly payslips
  • Completion and despatch of all forms required to be sent the social security office and other addressees
  • Withholding tax/tax at source calculations and declarations
  • Execute salary payments


We will provide an offer on a case by case basis depending level of and types of services you require.

How to order:

Please contact us by phone (+41 43 501 07 00) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro) if you are interested in our payroll services.