Financial accounting

Swiss companies are required by law to maintain accounting records sufficient to identify the financial situation, results of operation and all financial transactions carried out by the company.

For each financial year, the board of directors is required to prepare a business report, comprised of the financial statements (consisting of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement), the annual report and the consolidated financial statements (if applicable). The annual report shows the course of the business, as well as the economic and financial situation of the company.

Companies have no legal requirement to prepare management accounts but it is hard to run a business effectively without them. So most companies produce them regularly – e.g. monthly or quarterly.

Keeping track of your accounts receivable and as well as accounts payable and executing payments may also be administratively burdensome and is thus often outsourced to external organisations.

Our Accounting Services Team is experienced in dealing with many types of companies and offers a fast, efficient and commercial service at a price that suits. The service can be tailored to your particular requirements, including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of statutory accounts (financial statements)
  • Preparation of budgets and long-term financial planning
  • Preparation of interim financial statements
  • Administration of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Execution of payments


We will provide an offer on a case by case basis depending level of and types of services you require. The fee maybe given in the form of a fixed monthly or annual fee if the activity of the business takes place on a regular basis. If the work you instruct us to do is not appropriate for fixed fee charging we can bill on a time-spent basis.

How to order:

Please contact us by phone (+41 43 501 07 00) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro) if you are interested in our accounting services.