Residence and Work Permits

Switzerland has a dual system for granting foreign nationals access to the Swiss labour market. Persons from EU or EFTA member states, regardless of their qualifications, are granted easy access to the Swiss labour market under the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons. However, the requirements differ between citizens from EFTA and the former EU-states including Malta and Cyprus (EFTA/EU-17) and the new EU-states (EU-8).

Persons from all other states are admitted in limited numbers to the labour market in Switzerland, if their skills are urgently required and they are well qualified. Exceptions to the admittance requirements apply where aspects of training and further education are involved or in cases where assignments are based on international cooperation agreements or cross-boarder projects.

Our specialised team will assist you in obtaining work and residence permits for your staff by

  • identifying the relevant access requirements
  • assisting in gathering the necessary information; and
  • submitting a comprehensive and well-documented application to the competent cantonal or local authorities.

We will also deal with any miscellaneous correspondence and telephone enquiries received from the competent authorities in relation to your application.

Residence and work permits are granted at the discretion of cantonal and federal authorities. We cannot guarantee that a permit will be granted, or that it will continue to be granted. We will however, if required, advise how problems can be minimised.


Registration for EFTA/EU-17 and EU-8 nationals (max. 90 days): CHF 190 per person.

Application for residence and work permits for EFTA/EU-17 nationals: CHF 390 per person.

Application for residence and work permits for EU-8 and third state nationals is charged one a time-spent basis applying an hourly rate of CHF 190.

How to order:

Please download and complete our order form and place your non-binding order by fax (+41 43 501 07 01) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro). Please contact us at +41 43 501 07 00 if you wish to place your order by phone or if you require additional information.

A detailed offer will be sent out on receipt of your order for your review and consideration.