Insurance Solutions

Commercial insurance can be an important part of your business´s success; because while you may not be able to completely avoid financial losses due to unforeseen events, you can plan to minimize their effect if they should happen. It is also worthwhile noting that under Swiss law certain insurances are compulsory.

Our knowledge of the insurance industry and our close relationships with insurers enable us to provide objective advice on selecting the right insurance program to adequately cover your business risks. We only introduce reliable insurance companies that are committed to providing highest quality products and competitive pricing.

The insurances a business normally needs can be divided in life and non-life insurances as follows:

Life insurances

  • Pension plan insurance (mandatory)
  • Accidence insurance to cover employees (mandatory
  • Daily-allowance sickness insurance (optional)

Non-life insurances

  • Material damage and business interruption
  • Directors liability
  • Product liability
  • Car insurance
  • Property insurance


We will provide an offer on a case by case basis depending on the specific advise you require.

How to order:

Please contact us by phone (+41 43 501 07 00) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro) if you are interested in this service.