Opening and Administration of Bank Accounts

Opening of Bank Accounts

Most companies will need a bank account through which to trade.

When opening bank accounts it will be necessary to fulfil the “know your customer” requirements of the bank as each bank needs to comply with applicable anti-money laundering legislation.

The due diligence requirements can vary from bank to bank, but the basic requirements are identification of the company and of the beneficial ownership of the company. The bank mandate will set out the authorised signatories, i.e. those persons who are able to give instructions to the bank to transfer funds.

We assist in opening bank accounts on behalf of Swiss or offshore companies in Switzerland or overseas.

Administration of Bank Accounts

We can also provide nominee signatories to instruct the bank in relation to transfers provided that our anti-money laundering procedures have been satisfied. Copy statements will be provided to the company or its nominated advisers.


Our fees for opening bank accounts will vary as the amount of work in opening accounts will vary depending on the location of the company and its officers and the jurisdiction in which the account is located. The prices for setting up a bank account start from CHF 490.

Our annual fees for administering a bank account starts at CHF 990, with an additional fee of CHF 40 being payable per transaction. Please note that these fees do not include bank charges which a bank will deduct from the account.

How to order:

Please contact us by phone (+41 43 501 07 00) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro) if you are interested in our bank account opening and administration services.