Notification of Suspicion

Financial intermediaries who in the course of Swiss business have found suspicion that certain assets are linked to money laundering are obliged to file a report to the Money Laundering Reporting Office (SMRO) and to freeze the assets linked to it. For as long as the assets remain frozen, the financial intermediary must not notify the persons concerned or any third party of the reporting.

We will assist you in filing a correct report on time and thus free your personnel from such burdensome task which requires immediate attention. We will also deal with miscellaneous queries and correspondence from the SMRO regarding your notification.


Annual subscription fee CHF 290, plus handling charge of CHF 190 per notification.

How to order:

Please download and complete our order form and place your non-binding order by fax (+41 43 501 07 01) or email (L_hc__ecnailerssiws--redro). Please contact us at +41 43 501 07 00 if you wish to place your order by phone or if you require additional information.

A detailed offer will be sent out on receipt of your order for your review and consideration.